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A real life action game

Puzzle Escaperoom challenges your team (2 to 7 people) to escape from a locked room. Each room has its story and its secrets. You will have to find your way out the Escape Room through teamwork, out-of-the box thinking and creativity. You will only get 60 minutes to unlock the codes, find the hidden clues and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Are you ready to crack the code? Do you dare to take this challenge? What are you waiting for ?!


Ghent, Belgium

Puzzle Escaperooms is located within the heart of the beautiful city center of Ghent. You can find us at the Blekerijstraat 75, 9000 Gent. It is easy accessible by public transport, on foot or by bicycle. Trainstation “Ghent Dampoort” is only 10 minutes walking. You can park in the building for free.


Friends, Students, Business

Puzzle is suitable for all ages and skill sets. An amorous couple, a bunch of friends, student groups or team buildings. The Escape Room is created in such a way that each group will find its appetite. You get to know each other better, individually and in team. Contestants will show their true colours and their level of patience, but most importantly this is all happening in a fun and exciting environment!


After opening the Russian Lab, we are excited to inform you that our second room the Chocolate Factory wil open it's doors soon.

the russian lab

  • The Lab is situated in the heart of Ghent. During the Cold War there was a secret Russian Lab, a myth according to many. Until now. A terrorist organization has reopened the Lab and produces a poisonous gas, determined to destroy the city of Ghent. Recruited as spies of the European Secret Service you have the task to break into the lab and create an antidote. You have 60 minutes to save the city. Do you dare to take this challenge?
Escapes completed (25%)


Friends, Family & Tourists

Looking for some entertainment? Going to the movies is so last year! Our EscapeRoom is an excellent way to spend some thrilling funtime with your family and friends.


You get a discount 20% discount. Every first Thursday of the month we have student promotions, check our Facebook page for monthly offers!

Business Teambuilding

Tired of boring team building events in the city? Puzzle Escaperooms provides challenging scenarios packed for your team. Our Escaperooms will provide a unique and fun event for corporate entertainment.

Find the answers to your questions.
  • question_answer Do you get help?

    Additional tips and hints are available, but we will never give the complete solution. The aim is to unravel the mystery together, to think as a team about how to break the code and escape in time.

  • question_answer Is it frightening?

    Our rooms are transformed according to the theme. Creating a total experience is our priority, but we do not intend to scare the wits out of you. It’s not a horror scene, nor claustrophobic, but you are of course in a locked room. If the tension is getting you too much, there is always a ‘panic button’ to leave the game.

  • question_answer When do we need to be present?

    We ask the participants to be present 15 minutes in advance. Please respect our punctual timing, so we can deliver the best experience to all participants. If you notice a delay, please contact us immediately.

  • question_answer It is for all ages?

    Our Escape Room is developed to stimulate creativity and problem-solving thinking. Due to the challenging level, we recommend the game from the age of 12. Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult.

  • question_answer Is there a language barrier?

    Our Escaperoom is designed in English for an international audience. There is no other specific language required for breaking the codes and solving the puzzles.

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